A Catalyst is something which enables or speeds up a desired process  - and so Catalyst Services aims to make such a difference working primarily with Charities, Not-for-Profit Organisations and Voluntary bodies.

We have evolved from several earlier companies, with roots going back to 1985. So we bring a long and extensive range of experience to serve the needs of our clients. These clients include several charities and not-for-profit organisations in Ireland, as well as Government Departments, international organisations (EU, UN, OECD), and also directly running a number of technology companies and charitable organisations.

Strategic Management

The management of not-for-profit organisations, including charities, voluntary organisations, and other socially progressive groups, is a complex matter requiring a high level of management skill. Enthusiasm for a cause or for socially useful services is not in itself sufficient to ensure success. We bring many years of management capability gaining in a range of service organisations, both commercial and non-commercial, and can apply it successfully to ensure your orgnisation operates efficiently and effectively.

Catalyst, unlike many other management consultants or advisors, has direct knowledge and understanding of this sector. We have experience of running charities and specialist services companies, as well as extensive general management capability. In addition, we have extensive IT skills, which are essential in creating an efficient and responsive organisation in today's world. So use our special mix of skills to help bring about more effective and efficient management, especially if the assignment requires technical knowledge and experience. Or use us to fill a temporary gap or need in your senior staff by means of a contract management arrangement.

In addition to general management and project management skills, we have an excellent understanding of how the governmental and political process operates and how the civil service and state sector works, which is essential when undertaking advocacy, lobbying or fund raising activities.

Project Oversight

We also have considerable experience in managing a wide range of projects. This includes projects for the not-for-profit sector in particular including charities and other organisations with progressive social goals. From earlier work, we have significant experience in managing software development and technology projects and organisations,R&D management, management of international  projects , business and legal aspects, people and cultural issues, etc. Given our considerable experience of managing many projects,undertaking many reviews and evaluatingproject proposals, we can use that experience to evaluate your project proposal before submitting it for funding, provide an independent 'snap-shot' of the status of a project during its execution, or  assist you in undertaking a post-mortem analysis.

Technology Strategy

We can also advise and assist not-for-profits organisations and small companies to implement efficient basic IT services (e.g. networking, email and web facilities, basic office services, etc). We give priority to working with  those who feel they can't afford it  or can't cope with the complexities. We focus on simple, practical and inexpensive solutions, using Open Source, free or other high quality, low cost software as far as is sensible.

Protection and Damage Limitation is unfortunately also increasingly important. We have expertise in a range of issues which may be necessary to adequately protect your assets and interest. The main such areas where we might provide assistance is in relation to 

  • Intellectual Property Rights Management
  • Data Protection, and/or 
  • Mediation/Arbitration

Catalyst Services is the registered business name of Robert Cochran, who is based in Dublin,Ireland.
As well as his own extensive experience,he also has a network of independent colleagues whose expertise can be utilised if required.

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