Catalyst Services works primarily with Charities, Not-for-Profit Organisations, Voluntary and other socially progressive bodies on furthering their goals. We recognise that in such organisations enthusiasm or commitment to a cause, while important, is not in itself sufficient to ensure success.  Also they differ in many other ways from regular commercial organisations, which is also important to take into account.

Past clients have included charities and not-for-profit organisations in Ireland, as well as Government Departments, International Bodies (EU, UN, OECD), and also establishing and running a number of technology companies and charitable organisations.

In these projects I have been involved with issues such as Strategic Management;  Project Management and/or Oversight; Technology Strategy;  IP Rights;  Data Protection and Privacy;  Mediation and/or Arbitration.

'Catalyst Services' is the registered business name of Robert Cochran, who is based in Dublin, Ireland

Robert Cochran   



In addition to my main work as outlined above, I am also an experienced amateur Photographer.

Click on the Gallery link below to see a selection of images from my portfolio. As can be seen from these, I have no single approach, although most of my images are either landscape or architectural in style.  There are navigation markers on each image, and also at the top right hand corner, allowing transition forward or backward. Alternatively, the right and left keyboard arrows achieve the same effect. Pressing the space bar also moves forward to the next image, and the 'back' button cancels the gallery view, returning to the main page.

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